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Version 2 Technical Specification

The data is supplied in a series of files which include the Points of Interest, information about the customer's order and other essential information.

Unique Reference NumberUniquely identifies each record in the database.
NameName of the organisation or feature.
PointX Classification CodeAn 8 digit number which equates to the 3 levels (Group, Category and Class) for the classification of the record. A textural description lookup is available.
Feature EastingThe National Grid Reference Easting provided to a resolution of a tenth of a metre in most cases.
Feature NorthingThe National Grid Reference Northing provided to a resolution of a tenth of a metre in most cases.
Positional Accuracy CodeNumeric code indicating the positional accuracy of the Point of Interest.
UPRNThe Unique Property Reference Number from the National Address Gazetteer which, where populated, is an up to 12 digit number.
Topographic TOIDThe Topographic TOID in OS MasterMap® that the feature's Easting and Northing is within. "TOID" is short for "Topographic Identifier".
Topographic TOID VersionIdentifies which version of the Topographic TOID is being used.
ITN EastingThe Easting National Grid Reference value of the point on Ordnance Survey's ITN road network nearest to the feature's location.
ITN NorthingThe Northing National Grid Reference value of the point on Ordnance Survey's ITN road network nearest to the feature's location.
ITN TOIDThe ITN TOID in OS MasterMap® that is nearest to the feature's location and is used in the ITN Easting and ITN Northing fields.
ITN TOID VersionIdentifies which version of the ITN TOID is being used.
DistanceThe value in meters between the Feature Easting and Northing location and the ITN Easting and Northing to indicate how far the feature is from the ITN road network.
Address DetailBuilding name or number with sub-premise and dependent thoroughfare if applicable.
Street NameName of Thoroughfare.
LocalityThe Dependent Locality and Postal Town separated by a comma when both of these exist and are reported.
Geographic CountyThe Geographic county that the feature's Easting and Northing fall in.
PostcodeFull correct Postcode if a verified address.
Verified AddressEither Y or N to indicate whether the provided address has been matched against Ordnance Survey Address data by PointX, and structured accordingly, (Y), or is being reported as provided with some semi-automatic structuring.
Administrative BoundaryWhich Administrative area from Ordnance Survey's Boundary-Line the feature falls within or is closest to.
Telephone NumberThe full telephone number with no spaces if one is available for the feature. NB Not all customers are eligible to receive this field.
URLThe URL address if one is available for the feature.
BrandA brand name where PointX has been able to assign one.
Qualifier TypeA constrained field indicating what value Qualifier data relates to. For instance "SMS Number" shows that the Qualifier Data value is an SMS number.
Qualifier DataLinked with the Qualifier Type field this reports the relevant values for that.
ProvenanceThe name of the data supplier that provided the record.
Date of SupplyDate of PointX release record is supplied in.

Some fields may not be populated as certain types of information will not necessarily apply so for example a pond will not have address type information shown.

For the PointX Classification Code and Positional Accuracy Code fields, the individual descriptions can be derived from the relevant lookup file provided with each order.

For more information try out the Demonstrator or request Sample Data for Exeter.

The table below shows the information reported in the March 2015 release for PointX.

Unique Reference Number54708553
NamePoint X Ltd
PointX Classification Code02080126
Feature Easting296687
Feature Northing92284
Positional Accuracy Code1
Topographic TOID0001000012392641
Topographic TOID Version2
ITN Easting296707
ITN Northing92268
ITN TOID4000000025346353
ITN TOID Version3
Address DetailUnit 5-7 Abbey Court
Street NameEagle Way
LocalitySowton Industrial Estate, Exeter
Geographic CountyDevon
PostcodeEX2 7HY
Verified AddressY
Administrative BoundaryExeter District
Telephone Number03300366011
Qualifier Type 
Qualifier Data 
Provenance118 Information
Date of Supply01-MAR-2015

The PointX Classification code of 02080126 has a lookup of "Mailing and other Information Services" whilst the Positional Accuracy Code of 1 has a lookup of "Positioned to the address or location".